Welcome to our new site!
Welcome to our new site!
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What is SHERO?

SHERO is here to save the month.
No longer will women have to choose between high quality menstrual pads, or pads that biodegrade naturally.
At SHERO, we know being responsible to the earth and being comfortable are not mutually exclusive ideas.
We know the products you use on your body should not take hundreds of years to biodegrade.
We know the stigma around menstruation is silly.
We know pads can be highly engineered. And sustainable.
We are an earth-friendly hygiene company that puts women's health and comfort first without forgetting about long-term environmental impacts.
We are SHERO.

SHERO. Designed for everyday SHEROS.

SHERO got its start by engineering products for non-profit organizations located in developing countries to distribute to local women. Why? Because millions of women in these countries don't have adequate access to feminine hygiene products, and little access to proper disposal. Learn more about SHERO's mission in developing countries.

Mother Earth needs a SHERO.

SHERO is an American hygiene company that believes in bridging the gap between sustainability and quality in personal products, de-stigmatizing bodily functions, implementing manufacturing and distribution programs that eliminate harmful byproducts, and supporting women in developing countries, all to inspire healthier and more sustainable communities at home and abroad.